Power Content Label and Energy Mix

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Power Content Label

The annual Power Content Label provides a breakdown of the types of electricity generated and supplied to Healdsburg Electric customers. In 2021, about 60% of the citywide electricity was from no and low-carbon sources. 

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Floating Solar Project

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The City of Healdsburg completed a 4.78 megawatt solar array on the recycled water treatment ponds in January 2021 at the Wastewater Treatment Facility a few miles west of Healdsburg. The project provides 8% of the City's energy needs, as well as cuts harmful algae bloom on the ponds, which improves the quality of water for local vineyards, farms, and residents that use the recycled water. 

The Electric Department connected its first photovoltaic system in 2002, and today has over 6 MW of solar PV interconnected in city limits.