About the City of Healdsburg's Electric Department

With 12 employees, the City's Electric Department:
  • Provides electric service to 5,793 meters
  • Maintains:
    • Badger substation
    • 28 miles of underground and 28.3 miles of overhead high voltage line
    • 1,220 power poles
    • Over 800 transformers
    • 1,320 streetlights


The Electric Department is responsible for power procurement for the city, compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements, and providing conservation programs to its customers. It oversees the city’s share of generation projects, the Federal Western Central Valley Project allocation through the Western Area Power Administration, as well as the city’s share of the California / Oregon transmission project and various long and short-term power contracts both for existing future power needs. The department is also responsible for the operation and maintenance associated with the reliable distribution of electricity to the city.