Housing Element Work Group

The City Council of the City of Healdsburg is seeking applications from interested persons for the Housing Element Work Group. The Housing Element Work Group will provide the City of Healdsburg with input and guidance on the development of the 6th Cycle Housing Element, which provides a roadmap for housing production, programs and goals for a period covering 2023-2030.

Housing Element Work Group Ad-Hoc Application

Who can Apply

To ensure diversity and a broad representation on the Housing Element Work Group, the City is seeking members from the community that identify with the following categories:

  1. A member with lived experience of homelessness 
  2. member from the Healdsburg Business Community
  3. A member from a local non-profit organization
  4. A member that rents their primary residence
  5. A member of the Healdsburg Planning Commission
  6. A member representing the faith-based community
  7. Community member at-large
  8. Community member at-large
  9. Community member at-large

Please note: Members must reside within the city limits of Healdsburg with the exception for the local non-profit category. In this category, the non-profit must be in Healdsburg and serve Healdsburg residents. While it is preferred that the representative for this category resides within the city limits of Healdsburg, it is not required. 

Areas of Focus:

The City’s Housing Element will cover a variety of topic areas to include (but not limited to): 

  1. Housing Needs: This area will focus on the number of units the City should build by income type (Regional Housing Needs Allocations), housing stock characteristics, and special housing needs. 
  2. Site Inventory and Analysis: This area will focus on land availability & zoning, site inventory, Accessory Dwelling Units, energy conservation, and zoning for special housing types. 
  3. Housing Constraints: This area will focus on codes and enforcement, fees and extractions, non-governmental constraints to housing, and permitting processes. 
  4. Program Requirements: This area will focus on developing programs and measurable goals in the production and preservation of affordable housing, removing constraints to housing development, preservation of affordable housing and, Equal Housing Opportunities.

Additional information about Housing Elements and the Housing Element process can be found at the California State Department of Housing and Community Development’s (HCD) website: https://www.hcd.ca.gov/community-development/housing-element/index.shtml