Community Services Accessibility Evaluation

In November of 2015 the Parks and Recreation Commission conducted a series of parks and facilities tours to identify projects that could be included in a Capital Improvement Project (CIP) priority list.  This CIP priority list would assist staff with planning improvements and incorporating recommendations into long-range planning for future projects.  From this comprehensive CIP list staff identified a need to evaluate all parks and facilities for compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act. 

In 2016, the City Council adopted a five-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) plan that provided funding for an accessibility evaluation of parks and facilities to help determine where physical barriers existed to participation in our programs and services. The City entered into contract with Julee Quarve-Peterson, Inc. (JQP) to provide accessibility consulting services to the City of Healdsburg.  JQP has been specializing in self-evaluations, facility surveys, transition planning, staff development, database development, and accessibility studies of parks, recreation facilities, and other structures since 1978.  In addition, JQP has had extensive experience working alongside several County Agencies, School Districts, and Municipalities. 

The Accessibility Study reviews existing park sites and facilities, identifies issues of non-compliance, and creates a priority list with recommendations for corrective action. The goal is to use the results of this study in establishing future work plans, funding proposals, and project design. JQP presented a detailed overview of the study to the Parks and Recreation and Senior Citizens Advisory Commissions on November 8 for discussion and feedback.

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