Obtain a Business Tax Certificate & Permits

The purpose of the city's business license regulations is to provide for necessary regulation of lawful businesses being conducted within the city in the interest of the public health, safety, and welfare of the people of the city. The primary focus of the city's business license regulations is to provide reasonable assurance that business operating in the city are doing so in compliance with the city's planning and building policies, regulations, and ordinances; and in compliance with the city's business tax provisions.

All businesses operating in the City of Healdsburg are required to obtain a business license and pay the annual business license tax. Active businesses that change locations are required to file an updated business license application. Businesses that change ownership are required to complete a new application. Renewal tax reporting forms are mailed to businesses in April. Billing statements for taxes due are mailed in June. Payments may be made by mail, in person, or by credit card by the end of July. For more information or questions about your application, please call the Finance Department at 707-431-3177.

Building permits are required to modify the space your business will occupy, including improvements or changes to the building's structure, electrical, mechanical or plumbing systems. For information on applying for a building permit, please call the Building and Planning Department at 707-431-3346. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

City of Healdsburg Customer Satisfaction Survey
If you have recently applied for a city building permit and would like to provide us information about your experience, please complete this survey (PDF) and return it to:
City of Healdsburg, Attn: Tina Lindenberg
401 Grove Street
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Online Resources
  • Seller's Permit: Every business that will sell or lease tangible personal property (wholesale or retail, as well as for a temporary period lasting no longer then 30-days at 1 or more locations, you must obtain a seller’s permit from the State Board of Equalization. Call 707-576-2100, or stop by the Santa Rosa office at 50 D Street, Room 230, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Contractor's State License Board: If you intend to engage in the construction industry, you should contact the State License Board to determine what special permits/license may be required. Call 800-321-2752 for more information.
  • California Department of Consumer Affairs License: Many professional businesses such as accountants, engineers, doctors, and dentists require a state license. Businesses such as barbers, cosmetologists, security services and auto repairs are also required to obtain a state license. To find out if your business must be registered, call 800-344-9940.
  • Selling Alcoholic Beverages: You should first check with the city Planning Department if your business is located within a zone that allows for alcohol sales. Once you have determined that your business location allows for the sale of alcoholic beverages, you may apply to the State of California's Alcoholic Beverage Control Office, which issues the actual license.
  • Serving / Selling Food: Any type of retail food sales requires a permit from the county's Department of Environmental Health for more information, call 707-565-6531.
  • Import / Export Permit: If your business will involve the import or export of products from other countries, you may need an Import/Export Permit from the United States Customs Service at 415-782-9210.
  • State Taxes Withholding: If you have employees, you must register with the state Employment Development Department (EDD).
  • Vehicle Registration: Commercial vehicles for a business must be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
  • County CUPA (PDF)
  • Business Plans (PDF): If your business involves handling of hazardous material above threshold quantities, you must submit a Business Plan to the local Certified Unified Program Agency.