Domestic Violence Resources

YWCA Advocate
The Healdsburg Police Department has a Domestic Violence Advocate funded by the YWCA. The Advocate works full time to provide referrals for such services as counseling, legal advocacy, safe temporary housing, and support groups. The goals of this position are to support, educate, empower, and advocate on the behalf of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

The duties of the Advocate include providing direct support services to survivors of domestic violence and their children, reviewing all assigned domestic violence cases and attempting direct contact with the survivors, arranging for emergency shelter in the YWCA Safe House or other shelter as appropriate, and coordinating other services for survivors and/or their children, as well as assisting in the Restraining Order Clinic.
Domestic Violence Information
If you are being harassed, threatened or physically abused by your partner or ex-partner, you have the right to be protected. The Healdsburg Police Department is committed to protecting all victims of domestic violence. Please call the Healdsburg Police Department immediately if you are or have been involved in a violent relationship and require assistance from law enforcement.

What Is Domestic Violence?
Domestic violence is abuse by one’s partner or ex-partner. It can be:
  • Destruction of Property: personal belongings, harm to pets
  • Emotional: name calling, threats, isolation from family and friends, withholding money or other materials
  • Physical: pushing, slapping, punching, kicking, strangulation, burning, use of weapons or objects
  • Sexual: unwanted touching, false accusations, sexual put-downs, rape
Experts Report
  • Although both men and women are victims of domestic violence, the vast majority of the victims are women
  • Abuse happens to many people, rich or poor, educated or uneducated
  • The abuse usually does not stop unless help is received
  • The abusers need for power and control is present in almost every abusive relationship
  • Victims are not at fault. They are not responsible for their partner’s actions
Plan for Your Safety
Have more than one plan to keep you safe when the battering occurs or is about to occur:
  • Get out of the house. Know what doors and windows you and/or your children could use.
  • Work out a signal with a neighbor to call the police.
Keep the following with a neighbor, a friend or family member:
  • 2-3 days supply of needed medications
  • An extra set of house and car keys
  • Extra clothes
  • Important phone numbers
  • Important personal papers (restraining order, birth certificates, rent and utility receipts, Social Security cards, drivers license, marriage license, Insurance policies, bank account, green cards, passports, work authorization, and any other immigration document.
  • Money
It is also important to:
  • Call one of the hotlines for emotional support and information regarding legal assistance and other resources available
  • Remove weapons
  • Know exactly where you would go (i.e., women’s shelter, family or friends)
Victim's Rights
As a victim of domestic violence, you have the right to:
  • Be treated with respect, dignity, and courtesy no matter what your race, age, lifestyle, or occupation
  • File a complaint and receive services regardless of the relationship between you and the suspect
  • Have a support person/counselor throughout the entire process
  • Privacy when meeting with counselors or law enforcement officers
  • Talk about, or not talk about, what happened to you
  • The form of communication you find most comfortable
  • Voice complaints and expect to have them heard
DV Resources
Legal Assistance
  • YWCA Temporary Restraining Order Clinic 546-1234/546-7115
  • Petaluma Peoples Service Center 765-8488 or 795-6629
  • Sonoma County Legal Services 546-2924
  • California Rural Legal Assistance 528-9941 (Se habla Español)
Victim's Assistance
  • YWCA Counseling for Women in Abusive Relationships 546-1234
  • District Attorney Domestic Violence counselor 565-2311
  • The Victim/Witness Project 565-2002
  • State of California Office of Criminal Justice Planning 24-hour hotline for victims of all types of crimes (800)-VICTIMS
Emergency Shelters
  • YWCA-Women’s Emergency Shelter 546-1234
  • Manna House 576-1471
  • People for Economic Opportunity Emergency Housing 544-6911
  • Spare Room 433-6161 (Healdsburg)
  • Wallace House 433-6161 (Cloverdale)
Crisis Counseling Hotlines
  • YWCA 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline 546-1234
  • Sonoma County Mental Health 576-8181
  • Social Advocates for Youth 546-3432
  • Protective Services for Children 565-2246
  • Orenda Center Hotline 528-4141
  • United Against Sexual Assault of Sonoma County (UASA) 545-RAPE
Emergency Food & Clothing, Transportation, Information & Referral
  • The Food Pantry 894-2039
  • Friends in Sonoma Helping (F.I.S.H.) 565-5151
  • Cloverdale Family Services 894-5786
  • North County Community Services 433-6161
  • Shared Ministries 433-3663