Vehicle Abatement

The Healdsburg Police Department has limited legal authority to remove vehicles from private property. These restrictions are set forth in the California Vehicle Code. The property owner has the responsibility of properly posting the private property for vehicle removal. Signs must be posted at each entrance warning drivers of the consequence for uninvited parking. The property owner must contract with a private tow provider to remove unwanted vehicles. This is the fastest method to remove unwanted vehicles.

Vehicles that have been abandoned on private property without the consent of the property owner or tenant may be abated by the Healdsburg Police Department. This process will take a minimum of 30 to 45 days, and the property owner may be billed for this service.

Signing Requirements for Removal of Unauthorized Vehicles From Private Property

It is required that a sufficient number of signs bearing the following information be placed at each driveway to the property and at conspicuous locations therein:
  • "All Other Will Be Towed at Owners Expense for Violation VCV 22658"
  • "Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owners Expense"
  • Customer/Employee/Tenant Parking Only
  • Private Property - No Parking
  • Public Parking Prohibited
  • The Police Department's phone number
The sign must be a minimum of 17" by 22" with a minimum of 1" lettering, as required by California Vehicle Code section 22658.