How can I prevent a cross-connection?
There are a couple of easy ways you can prevent a cross-connection:
  1. Never place the end of a hose where it can suck contaminates into your home’s water system. For example, do not leave the end of the hose submerged in the swimming pool or a tank when filling. Always maintain at least a 1 inch gap between the end of the hose and the pool, tank or other source of potential contamination.
  2. Use proper backflow protection devices. Each spigot at your home should have a hose-bibb vacuum breaker installed. This is a simple and inexpensive device that can be purchased at any hardware store and screwed directly onto each spigot (as easy as attaching your garden hose).
Spigot With Vacuum Breaker
How can backflow into the city water system be prevented?
The City of Healdsburg recognizes 3 methods of backflow prevention:
  • Air Gap
  • Double Check Detector Check Assembly (Dedicated Fire Systems Only)
  • Reduced Pressure Assembly
The method of backflow prevention required is based on the degree of hazard that the property and the various uses within the property represent to the city water supply. Download a table showing the required backflow assembly for typical applications (PDF) for more information.

What is a backflow prevention assembly?
A backflow prevention assembly is an approved, testable assembly which uses spring loaded valves to prevent potential contaminates from backflowing into the city water system.
Backflow Prevention Assembly
Backflow Prevention Assembly
Backflow Prevention Assembly With Green Freeze Protection Cover
Backflow Prevention Assembly With Green Freeze Protection Cover