Active Transportation Plan Advisory Committee

The City of Healdsburg is creating a Healdsburg Active Transportation Plan (ATP) Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will provide valuable input and guidance in the development of an Active Transportation Plan for the City. The Plan aims to create a roadmap for Healdsburg to enhance biking and walking as viable modes of transportation. The ultimate goals include improving safety and mobility for non-motorized users, promoting public health, and implementing various projects to benefit different types of non-motorized transportation users.

Who Can Apply

The City invites individuals of diverse backgrounds and expertise or experience in transportation to apply for its Active Transportation Plan (ATP) Advisory Committee. While the committee plans to accommodate 12 members, the size may be adjusted based on overall community interest. The application period is now closed. Thank you to those who applied for the committee.

Areas of Focus

  1. Visions, Goals, and Objectives: The Committee will review and offer input on the vision, goals, and objectives of the Active Transportation Plan before the Draft is created.
  2. Technical Analysis Review: The Committee will be responsible for reviewing the technical analysis findings conducted by the project team. This analysis will involve tasks such as creating a new active transportation database, conducting a local assessment of existing bicycle and pedestrian networks, identifying regional routes and barriers, examining design standards and best practices for multiuse paths, bike highways, street crossing, intersections, etc.
  3. Public Engagement and Feedback: The Committee will review public engagement activities and review the input received. The Committee will ensure that the ATP draft projects, programs, and policy recommendations reflect the inclusive nature of the public engagement process.
  4. Prioritization of Projects for Local Funding Opportunities: The Committee will work with the project team to establish proposed policies for prioritizing active transportation funding. The prioritization approach will be based on performance measures like road safety, access, equity, connectivity, cross-jurisdictional collaboration, etc.

To view the current Healdsburg Bicycle and Pedestrian Master plan, click here.