Special Purpose Plans, Studies, & Reports

  1. Area A Specific Plan

    The Area A Specific Plan provides a framework for future growth and development within the special study area.

  2. Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan

    The Healdsburg Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan documents City policy regarding bicycling and walking facilities and guides implementation of local projects and programs.

  3. Central Healdsburg Avenue Plan

    The Central Healdsburg Avenue Special Study Area Committee was created by the City Council to implement a significant program of the 2030 Healdsburg General Plan.

  4. Downtown Streetscape Plan

    The Healdsburg Downtown Streetscape Plan, adopted in 1989, is designed to enhance downtown Healdsburg by improving its visual image, enhancing its market image and improving its functional aspects.

  5. Foss Creek Pathway Plan

    The Foss Creek Pathway Plan establishes the alignment and design standards the City of Healdsburg will use to construct a multi-use pathway alongside the Northwestern Pacific Railroad and Foss Creek between Front Street and the city’s northern boundary.

  6. Grove Street Neighborhood Plan

    The Grove Street Neighborhood Plan provides guidelines and standards for development along Grove Street, between Dry Creek Road and West Grant Street.

  7. Parking

    Access information about parking studies in Healdsburg.

  8. Saggio Hills Area Plan

    The Saggio Hills Area Plan applies to a 258.5 acre property located east of Healdsburg Avenue just north of Parkland Farms that is part of Planning Area C.