Apply For

  1. A Job Working for the City

    Apply for a job with the City of Healdsburg.

  2. Building Permit

    Building permits cannot be applied for online. Applicants must apply for a building permit in person.

  3. Business Licenses

    All businesses operating in the City of Healdsburg are required to obtain a business license and pay the annual business license tax.

  4. Encroachment & Transportation Permits

    An encroachment permit is required for any work done within a public right of way, easement or public property. A transportation permit is required for any oversized or overweight vehicle intending to use city streets.

  5. Utility Services

    Apply for utility services offered through the City of Healdsburg.

  6. Volunteer Opportunities

    The City of Healdsburg has opportunities to those who wish to share their time and energy with others.